Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pink Cupcakes

I made these two aprons for a sweet friend. She is becoming quite the domestic diva mixed in with just the right amount of sass and a yummy pink cupcake apron is just what she needed! She will soon be baking up a storm in this delicious apron from The Apron Diva!


  1. you have got to accept paypal!

  2. That is so cute. I love the cupcake material. I think your friend is going to love them.

  3. The little domestic diva over here LOVES!!!! her aprons. They were so so very cute. I'm definately going to start baking up a storm! Thank you so much. You're very talented, girl!

  4. Thank you everyone! I'm thinking about putting some up on etsy maybe in the future. That seems to be the way to do it. There are only so many aprons I can wear myself! :)

    Aleta~You have to try the Fuzzy Navel cake I made tonight! DELICIOUS!!!